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  Photo of the Day    Aug 2018

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JH at Ice Cave

JH, an investment consultant from San Francisco and Hong Kong, enjoys
a thrilling time at the Ice Cave in Zaryadye Park which was developed
by artist Alexander Ponomarev and architect Alexei Kozyr.

The Ice Cave was newly opened on 17 May with a total of 70 tonnes of
water frozen on the cave’s walls using hundreds of metal tubes with
a total length of 13.7 kilometres containing special cooling liquid.

Moscow . Russia | 2018
19 Aug 2018

Gorky Park

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is a central park in Moscow, named after Maxim Gorky.
It is Moscow's hippest, most happening hotspot with a chain of sparkling fountains, sport
courts, outdoor art exhibits and summer cafes.

Moscow . Russia | 2018
18 Aug 2018

Kudrinskaya Square Building

The Kudrinskaya Square Building, the last of the Stalin's Seven Sisters skyscrapers,
was designed by Mikhail Posokhin and Ashot Mndoyants. Built in 1954, it is 160
metres tall with 22 floors, mainly as residential apartments for the then cultural
elites and now wealthy businessmen.

To mark Moscow’s 800th anniversary in 1947, Stalin decided that Moscow suffered
from a ‘skyscraper gap’ when compared to the USA, and ordered the construction of the
seven behemoths to jump-start the city’s skyline. They are known as Stalin's Seven Sisters.

Moscow . Russia | 2018
17 Aug 2018

Assumption Cathedral

The Dormition (Assumption) Cathedral in Vladimir, one of the great masterpieces of medieval Rus'
survives to this day, is an outstanding monument of pre-Mongol white-stone architecture.
Constructed from 1158 to 1160, it is a white-stone version of Kyiv's brick Byzantine church.
A UNESCO World Heritage since 1992.

Vladimir . Russia | 2018
16 Aug 2018

Nativity of Virgin Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, with deep blue onion domes
festooned with gold stars, dominates the whole town of Suzdal. Built
around 1225, it is the oldest cathedral of Suzdal and one of the oldest
in Russia. It has 13th century intricate gold laid doors and the
interior is covered in sumptuous bright frescoes.
A UNESCO World Heritage since 1992.

Suzdal . Russia | 2018
15 Aug 2018

Red Square

Red Square is the pulsating heart of Moscow, with the fabulous
jumble of colours and patterns adorning St Basil's Cathedral
and the imposing walls of the Kremlin, plus the majestic
red bricks of the State History Museum... all encircling
a vast stretch of cobble-stones.

Moscow . Russia | 2018
14 Aug 2018

Gundam Dock

The world's largest Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack' battle
scene replica statue featuring RX-93 Nu Gundam vs MSN-04 Sazabi is
on display at Time Square until 2 September.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2018
13 Aug 2018

Vibrant Street Art

Vibrant Street art, by artist Elsa Jean de Dieu, outside Nota Uma,
A Brazilian-Japanese restaurant in SOHO, stands against another
down the street.

SOHO . Hong Kong | 2018
12 Aug 2018

Frog King

Kwok Mang Ho, aka Frog King, is a multi-media, conceptual, visual and
performance artist from Hong Kong. His artistic uniqueness is best
expressed in his creations “Frogtopia”, which takes over the exhibition
space with numerous colourful mixed-media installations and graffiti
of his signatured frog icon.

In addition to his inexhaustible style, Kwok held a solo multimedia
art exhibition representing Hong Kong “Frogtopia-Hongkorucopia”
at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011.

SOHO . Hong Kong | 2018
11 Aug 2018

Mie at Chung King Mansions

Mie, a financial technology specialist from Tokyo, is amazed
with the traffic at the crossing outside Chung King Mansions,
with people from all over the world.

Tsimshatsui . Hong Kong | 2018
10 Aug 2018

Long Island Buddha

Long Island Buddha, a bronze sculpture by Beijing artist Zhang Huan,
sits at the roof garden of Asia Society. Zhang draws his inspiration
from his visit to Tibet, where he witnessed fragments of destructed
Buddhist icons during the Cultural Revolution.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2018
9 Aug 2018

Art Installation at iSquare

Interesting red pattern of an art installation at iSquare,
a 31-storey shopping complex at the heart of Tsimshatsui.

Tsimshatsui . Hong Kong | 2018
8 Aug 2018

Cuddle Bubble at PMQ

Colourful spinning bubbles, an art installation by AaaM
Architects (Architecture as a Medium), fills the courtyard
by PMQ for an interactive cool summer, through 13 August.

SOHO . Hong Kong | 2018
7 Aug 2018

Historical Po Wah Building

A unique and artistic hand-made metallic entrance gate of Po Wah
Building at 46-56 Queen's Road East in Wanchai. Built in 1959
with 14 storeys, it is due for demolition and redevelopment.
Presevation activists, such as Yuen Chi-yan, are discussing with
the current owner, Swire Properties, trying hard to save the gate.

Wanchai . Hong Kong | 2018
6 Aug 2018

Harmony Bid Savours Hong Kong

Harmony Bid, a fashion company organiser from Kinshasa of Congo,
savours the cosmopolitan nature of Hong Kong where she can meet
people from all over the world in the busy street of Tsimshatsui.

Tsimshatsui . Hong Kong | 2018
5 Aug 2018


The monumental Hofburg, the imperial palace of the Hasburgs from,
1273 to 1918, symbolises Austria's resplendent cultural heritage.

Vienna . Austria | 2018
4 Aug 2018

Rooftop View of Vienna

The gorgeous view of Vienna city centre from the rooftop bar of
Lamee Hotel with a close up of St Stephan's Cathedral.

Vienna . Austria | 2018
3 Aug 2018

Schloss Schonbrunn

The opullent Schloss Schonbrunn, the summer palace of the Hasburgs,
has 1441 rooms, of which 40 are open to the public. It is backed
by the beautifully tended French-styled formal palace gardens,
and a UNESCO World Heritage.

Vienna . Austria | 2018
2 Aug 2018

Benedictine Abbey Library

Stift Melk, the Benedictine Abbey of Melk, is the most famous and
finest abbey in Austria. Its library is the most important room
after the church. The ceiling fresco by Paul Troger (1731/32)
shows a symbolic depiction of Faith in the centre, surrounded
by four groups of angels, who stand for the four Cardinal
Virtues: Wisdom, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance.

Melk . Austria | 2018
1 Aug 2018

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